About us

Benjamin Gordon

Our mission? To provide forward-thinkers with the best talent and give unique opportunities to creatives in the mobile space.

With the emergence of smartphones in recent years and the revolution in the apple appstore with over 10 billion downloads to date, there is more of a demand for mobile app developers and designers than ever. Like most of you reading this, I was fascinated by what could be possible with the use of mobile technology and as a designer I wanted a bite of the cherry. Keen on growing my design-for-mobile experience I went on the lookout for freelance mobile app jobs but found the only place to find them was amongst a sea of other digital creative job boards. That’s when Applicable Jobs was born. I wanted a jobs board that was dedicated to not only developers and designers looking for brilliant mobile opportunities, but one that companies or entrepreneurs looking for talented individuals could rely on.

With Applicable Jobs I hope I can go some way to achieving this. It’s a site that I’m very proud of and one that I will no doubt use myself. I hope that it proves a success for you, whether you are a developer, designer or entrepreneur.

Why Choose us?

Applicable Jobs is a fresh and simple idea designed and developed by people that love what you love, mobile. We have only been up and running a few months but already we have placement in the top 3 natural ranking in Google for “Mobile App Jobs” and “App Jobs” and are working hard daily to rank high for top terms like “iPhone Developer“. We also have a fast growing following on twitter, facebook and linkedIn.

Also – don’t forget our 100% Money-back Guarantee! you really can’t lose out!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve Applicable Jobs or would just like to chat, then I would love to hear from you.

All the best,
Benjamin Gordon